Collections (Payment Control System)

Payment Control System is designed for automatic monitoring of overdue debts and executing the sequence of pre-defined operations in case the debts have not been remitted. Entire collections process can be easily monitored and regulated via web interface. The solution is highly scalable, therefore different debtors can be approached individually and different predefined action profiles may be applied.

Integral part of the system is a variety of different reports which serve mainly as a feed-back for better and more effective pre-setting of collections scenarios, as well as system parameters.

The system can be integrated into corporal infrastructure of other different systems. Therefore, application interface (J2EE) is available for such integration.

Overview of main functionalities:
  • Predefined standard operations, such as:
    • mailing of payment reminder (dunning)
    • sending SMS at mobile handset
    • sending e-mail
  • feasibility of defined operations by user
  • feasibility of defined operations attributes by user
  • predefined scenarios of collections procedures
  • feasibility of defined scenarios by user
  • monitoring of actual collections status
  • overview of dunning status for different customer groups
  • calendar of automatically planned operations with manual correction feasibility
  • feasibility of setting limits for maximal number of operations per day
  • reports
Customization in customer’s environment:
  • setting of parameters so the functionality meets requirements and business processes of customer
  • integration with surrounding systems (billing database,..)
  • implementation of special business logic (plug-in modules)

Basic Collection scheme
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